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Circulation Fulfillment ... it's more than just mailing labels

Online, Internet Subscriptions with just a few clicks of a mouse!

I have been in the circulation fulfillment business for over 25 years, working in computer operations, programming and systems, and have things changed. We started on mainframes, went to minis, micros and PCs. We saw the 5 digit zip, become 9 digits and then they added a 2-digit destination code to boot. Postal rules and regulations are so complex they would even confuse Einstein.

Surely, "The times they are a changing..." and it won't stop there. Whether you call it the; Super Highway, World Wide Web, or the Internet, it's here to stay.

That is why IFS is more than just a circulation fulfillment company, we are a TECHNOLOGY company. We have been on the leading edge of technology from our inception in 1980, and will continue to make technology work for you. IFS allows publishers to offer their readers direct online, internet access to their subscription record  A link can be placed on the publisher's Home Page allowing a reader to request a new subscription, renew an existing one or change their address.  We can email personalized renewals to your subscribers and let them easily renew with just a few clicks of their mouse

At IFS we specialize in subscription fulfillment of business and trade publications and  we guarantee you that we will keep up with technology, to better serve your needs.

CONTACT US for more information about our company and our services. We will be glad to send you a report package and a list of our clients. At IFS our clients truly make our best sales people.


Hank Ferguson,  President



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