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Meet The Staff...

Has 35 years experience in circulation fulfillment.  He served Comarco Data Service for 14 years in various positions including General Manager and VP of Systems and Operations.  IFS was originally founded in 1980 to provide circulation fulfillment services for business and trade publication magazines. Today, Hank still guides IFS into the 21st century with one eye on technology and the other on service.
Heads up our IT department with over 15 years of experience in computer operations and circulation fulfillment.  She will see to it, that your service needs are not only met, but exceeded. Kara works closely with your account manager, to insure that your issues are accurately updated and shipped in a timely manor. 
Patricia has 22 years of experience with BPA audited publications. She is a Group Fulfillment Manager in charge of order processing, data entry, customer relations and audits (BPA/ABC) for all magazines under her control.
Is our Senior Programmer/Analyst who brings an extensive background in software development for the heavily audited fields of banking and accounting for publicly funded agencies. Software designed and developed by Tom is used in financial institutions around the world as well as many local health care and developmentally disabled service providers. The attention to detail learned from this experience lends itself well to the circulation fulfillment industry
Adnan "Addy"
Possesses diverse technical skills as the Web Administrator. He is in charge of maintaining online systems and  web design and implementations. As a certified Security Countermeasure Professional, he brings with him vast amount of knowledge and ability to the technical end.


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