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    IFS provides publishers with 2 DISTINCT LEVELS OF SERVICES

FULL SERVICE - IFS performs all services from picking up subscription mail at our post office through the preparation of the BPA/ABC statements, as well as conducting the physical audit in our offices.

PARTIAL SERVICE - Publisher receives, codes and clerically prepares subscription mail, then batches and sends it to IFS. We will then input transactions, update our files and provide you with your reports, galleys, and mailing list. Note, the preparation for and the actual physical BPA/ABC audit is done by the publisher, at their office. If requested, IFS will store and pull documents for your annual audit at an additional charge of 7 per name, per year.

The following is a list of just some of our Services:

  • Online subscriber file maintenance including; new subscription requests, renewals, address changes and cancellations
  • Updating of Publisher’s Subscription and Comp/Promo files
  • Probable Dupe Analysis and reports Zip+4 with address correction and Cass Certification Mailing lists are available in your choice of media formats, including electronic via (FTP, Email, Magnetic tape or disc) or on mailing labels presorted with bag tags
  • Full BPA/ABC reports with each updates
  • Requalification notices via Email or Regular Mail

    The following services are available for paid subscriptions:
  • Renewal notice addressing
  • Credit invoice addressing
  • Source/Offer analysis
  • Earned/Liability income reports
  • Expire Analysis
  • Letter Shop
  • Report Package showing all activity and reports

    Other Services Offered
    Email Blast Central

Please feel free to call (904-547-2795) or Contact Us if you have any question regarding our services or would like a proposal for your publications.


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